Chapter 7: Pathways to Interstate Peace


Imagine you are the Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs in Oman. While the Sultan of Oman is officially the Minister of Foreign Affairs (as well as the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Defense), you are primarily responsible for conducting Oman's foreign relations. This morning you were informed that the United Arab Emirates has announced that it believes it has a claim to approximately half of Musandam. The Sultan has given you a clear directive: you are to retain Oman's control over Musandam and avoid war entirely. If war occurs, you have failed. What do you do first?

Important background information

What do you do?

Request a meetingInvite the Omani Ambassador to the UAE and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.
Suggest the Sultan sends an envoyThe envoy should represent the Sultan to the UAE's President or Minister of Foreign Affairs. The purpose of this visit should be to stress Oman's commitment to friendly relations with the UAE and to solve the dispute peacefully.
Reach out to the UNRequest diplomatic interference and a commitment to militarily aid Oman in defense of its territory.
Reach out to the US and IranStrengthen relations and elicit commitments that each will protect your territorial integrity from Emirati aggression.
Strengthen the borderSend out troops to the border between Musandam and the UAE by sending out troops. Warn the UAE that territorial aggression will not be tolerated and demand that the UAE back down.