Chapter 12: Non-State Actors and Challenges to Sovereignty


In the short term, what do you do to resolve the threat of terrorism?

Consult the UNTerrorism is a global issue. You would like to respond to the threat with global action through a unified resolution from the United Nations. It should be noted that it is difficult to balance all of the Security Council members' interests in one resolution.
Invade AfghanistanTerrorism exists because failed states like Afghanistan provide safe havens for the networks to thrive. Afghanistan will not be taken back from the Taliban through diplomatic measures such as aid, the US needs to conduct a large-scale military operation.
Reduce US presenceTerrorism exists because the US meddles in world affairs too much. Our presence either conducts or enables local atrocities and oppression, creating the 'blowback' effect of inciting radicalism. The US needs to pull out of Saudi Arabia while denouncing its support of Israel and other states that oppress minority Muslim groups.
Foreign aidTerrorism happens because the Middle East is filled with weak/failed states that provide safe havens for the networks to thrive. The US should help 'legitimate' governments in the Middle East secure their sovereignty through foreign aid. Furthermore, the US should maintain its global forward military presence and strengthen support for all of its allies. These security measures will enable the US to invade the Middle East in the future, but, for now, invasion is unnecessary.